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                             10 Best Ways To Make Money Online From Home

   The best ways to make money online are many in today’s life but the more easy and highly recommended are the 10 most important and useful method which anyone can learn from home and work from home with the Internet taking over a large part of our lives and more people are looking to ways to Make Money Online from Home . Here are online platforms websites and tools that can help you earn money online from home they are:

The Top 10 Best Ways To Make Money Online From Home

  1. Selling your products online
  2. Freelancing
  3. Blogging
  4. Content Writing
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Survey ,search and reviews
  7. Online tutoring
  8. Social media management,strategy
  9. Web designing
  10. Data entry

The first best way to sell products online is I’m Meesho, but you can call me Meesho. I make beautiful outfits for the ladies. I like to make everyone happy, so if you like my clothes, tell me, and I will make you beautiful.                                                                    

 The fashion industry is growing interest. You’d think that with billions of dollars of revenue at stake, there would be some sort of game plan for selling clothes. But there’s not.

A housewife runs a small business from HOME as today WORK  is in more demand, we women can also do a lot in their free time in the house. So, let’s begin

 What you get is a nearly random supply of clothes. A. Lot of people don’t like it. People want to know what they’re buying, why they should buy it, and what they should do with it.

The industry, however, is frustrated by the fact that it doesn’t have a clear message when it comes to selling clothes. There are the 10 best ways to make money online without investment from Home.

Ways To Make Money Online From Home

Today I am going to tell you something which will help you guys to earn lots of money monthly by just sitting at and surfing the Internet you know somewhere in life by     

We all think about starting our own business or doing something which we can do on our own convince so I figure out this App Meesho where thousands and thousands of people are working especially women from Home. So women can make money online without investment from home.

  • How to Become a Meesho Seller ?

         Meesho App is very easy with a zero investment so you don’t have to pay any amount and do the PDS work of packing and delivery nothing at all only to download and as soon as you download.  We register with a mobile number you don’t have to give details like putting email and all other as registration takes some time but here it takes only one minute and you become a seller. There are the top 10 best ways to earn money online from home ways to earn money online from Home.

  • How to sell on Meesho

          After downloading the app with the registered mobile no.  you will find lots of categories of Women’s wear, men’s wear’s, Kidswear, Jewelleries, House decors, Kitchenware’s and lots of products categories you can go for, either choose all the products.  And send it to your What’s app groups of friends and family members.

Suppose you want to sell a Kurtis on What’s app’s group choose a catalog or 1 Kurta and share on Whatsapp group.

You can sell on other Social Media apps like Facebook, Instagram,  click on the share button and there will be option available if you want to share on Facebook and Instagram.

The best part is the customer can return the product within 7 days with a cash return if the customer does not like the product after receiving it.

The delivery boy comes to your doorstep to take the product if you don’t like or not in your size to fit or don’t like the color.

  • Now the informative part

        Once you receive the first Order you have to put that particular clothing item in the cart then select the size, color, and all details from the customer, and be sure to ask the address because we are the one who is going to do everything.

  • How I set up my Meesho store

With zero investment I started my Work From Home Business I only registered with my mobile number and Bank details the I created my What’s app group of friends and relatives.

Select the catalog of dress materials and post on the group with price tags whoever likes I order it on their address with the bank details and if the client is not comfortable in giving details.

I ask them whether to go for PayTm or Code so place the order the Meesho will deliver the product at your customer’s place and the cash in my bank account.

There are also many bonuses, credits, every week, and prizes offered during the festivals from the Meesho there is also a community that helps us with our queries. This is the best way to earn money online without investment from home.

Conclusion: 10 Best Ways To Make Money Online From Home

 In conclusion, as a seller on Meesho, you can earn up to 40% of your sales by either:

1. Becoming a power seller:-

  • Work towards building a client base and delivering   impressive and consistent service.
  • I think Meesho is a great way to sell your products to customer around the world.

2. Accumulating a lot of positive reviews:

  •   Most of the customer are local so they pick the item from us instead of paying shipping charges.

  •     You can set up for free Meesho store for FREE  hope to earn a lots of money from Meesho Business and you could do it. Best ways to make money online without investment from home.

So if you want to BUY a product or want to join me click and submit your detail here

Contact ME on my Whatsapp no. 8087000327

Name: Sabina Asif Baig

Address: 3383, Juna Bazar Ahmednagar 414001 Maharashtra INDIA


Earn Money Online Without Investment